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Theatre for Young Audiences

Cinderella, a Panto

by Brandon Roberts

Orlando Shakespeare




"I took my 3 and 5 year-old girls to see Cinderella. They both loved the play, and so did I. My girls are still reciting lines from the play and laughing about it days later." - Brooke K.


"...the performance was fantastic. Hats off the the cast and crew!" - Dan K. 


"This play was definitely the cutest and funniest version of Cinderella. We loved it, so we're going again end of July!" - Sandra W.


Watch behind the scenes video Here



Snow White

By Maurice Berger

INTERACTIVE FUN FOR EVERYONE Based on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tells the famous story of a sweet girl who grows up in the woods, as part of a most unusual family -- and of the Wicked Queen who will stop at nothing to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Told with help from the younger members of the audience, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is wicked fun for everyone.


Watch the Video Here.




The Little Red Ridinghoog Show

by Russel Davis

Orlando Shakespeare


"I love when I get to tell this story all over again. It's got such a happy ending..."


Click here to download the Curriculum Guide. 


FAMILY COMEDY Follow a crooked path through the forest to grandmother’s house with Little Red, her resourceful mother, and Malarkey, the biggest and baddest of the big bad wolves. This exciting, new adaptation is not your grandmother’s Little Red Riding Hood!


Watch the Video Here



Lily's Purple Plastic Purse


Based on the book by Kevin Henkes 

Adapted by Kevin Kling

Orlando Shakespeare


FAMILY COMEDY Lilly is a mouse who knows what she likes. She likes that she is “Queen of the World,” and she likes the way her red cowboy boots go clickety-click down the hallway. She especially LOVES her purple plastic purse. If you like to laugh, you are going to love Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse!


Watch the Video Here


by Patrick Shanahan

Orlando Shakespeare


Based on the book by L. Frank Baum
Adapted by Patrick Shanahan

"Home is where you are loved. With brains, courage, heart and most
important,'ll walk through life with ruby slippers!"

While author L. Frank Baum is writing "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", his
housekeeper and a girl named Dot get swept up in his magical tale. Watch how ordinary objects become the enchanted land of OZ and its delightful characters...and yes, Toto too!


Charlotte's Web


Written by Joseph Robinette

Adapted from the book by E.B. White

Orlando Shakespeare 


You grew up with it. Your kids love it. Now see it spectacularly and imaginatively brought to life onstage. When the tiny pig Wilbur learns of his ultimate fate at the butcher, Charlotte, a talented writer and loving friend, weaves a creative solution that ensures his place on the farm forever. Called "the best American children's book of the past two hundred years" by the Children's Literature Association, E.B. White's timeless tale explores bravery, selfless love and the true meaning of friendship.


Billy Goat's Gruff

by Jean Pierce

Orlando Shakespeare


"Director Patrick Flick has brought out the best in his cast and crew, pairing solid acting and music with clever sets by David Kahler and fun costumes by Rebecca Turk."


--Rebecca Swain Vadine, Orlando Sentinel


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