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Classics & Modern

The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Cincinnati, OH


"Guest director Patrick Flick has staged a production that is tight and precise and fully focused on pulling every last bit of humor out of the script. Even more notable is that he has elicited a level of comic precision from the company's actors that I have ever seen. ...The result is a production that is a delight. Hilarious and bawdy, it is easily one of the best-directed shows I've experienced at CSC. "

--David Lyman, The Cincinnati Enquirer


"Flick is making his debut with CSC and I hope he’s back again and again."


-- Ken Sheppard, The Sappy Critic



Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Orlando Shakespeare Theater


This production/concept is available for remount with a complete score.  To hear the original score by Michael Andrew, click HERE.


"Director Flick has superimposed celluloid iconography onto the text so smoothly and successfully that you may be too caught up in the story to keep a full running tally of the references."

--Steve Schneider, Orlando Weekly

"Directed by the talented Patrick Flick, Shakespeare's gender-bending romantic comedy blossoms here in the swanky, sleek and glamorous 1930s Hollywood peopled with impressions of its sophisticated movie stars."

--Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today

Knight of the Burning Pestle

by Beaumont & Fletcher

Theatre at Monmouth

Monmouth, ME


"Part of the overall experience is stepping into Monmouth's historic Cumston Hall. The space helps to complete the picture that director Patrick Flick had in mind; taking the audience back to the 17th century, and helping them see what it might have been like to experience this show as it was back then. His seamless direction of each element make the story and language so accessible to the audience, you'd think they all were classical theatre scholars."


--Scott Moreau,

The Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Orlando, FL


"Director Patrick Flick makes much of such moments, and he has on hand an array of actors who could pull laughs out of a rock. He also has the benefit of a great-looking production, with set designer Bert Scott's ancient-Greece set, all arches and ivy and baroque-looking statues; and costume designer Jack Smith's flights of fancy in shades of melon and blueberry and gold."


--Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel 

Private Lives

By Noel Coward

Orlando Shakespeare Theater


"Director Patrick Flick may have added a mini-production number and a ninja-inspired mock-battle scene, but the comic timing and invention come from a nifty set of actors, who make this show a happy respite from a brisk winter night.


Director Flick and his cohorts have gotten the show's style just right, as well, and then they've kicked it up a notch. "


--Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel


A Tuna Christmas


Written by Ed Howard, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

All Photos by Tony Firiolo.


"A tasty treat...the show is a satire of small-town ways as much as a celebration of them... Shakes has gussied up the show in its funny production, with a beautiful set by Bert Scott...and wonderfully detailed costumes by Kristina Tollefson." – Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel


"Lainer's approachable innocence and Baldwin's lovable roguishness fit well together, and the show is just risqué enough to justify a baby sitter and an extra glass of wine: it skirts on heartwarming while still remaining real." – Carl F. Gauze, INK19

Saint Joan

By George Bernard Shaw

New Theatre, Miami, FL


"Flick's adaptation of "Saint Joan" ignites New Theatre's stage with the passion of Joan of Arc, and veteran performer Annemaria Rajala portrays Joan with the greatness, humor and sorrow of history's favorite heroine from 15th century France."


--Beau Higgins,

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