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by Beecham & Hillgartner

Orlando Shakespeare


"Director Patrick Flick's cast sells the silliness so expertly that you're swept away.

In a show with American actors playing  Brits pretending to be Wild West cowboys, accents — muddled and otherwise — are key."


--Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel


If you think that sounds sentimental, well, that’s the road not taken by director Patrick Flick and his nifty band of actors and musicians, who rely nearly all of the time on a whole lot of comic chops and some major musical talent. 


--Elizebeth Maupin, On Theatre

Kiss Me Kate
By Porter & Spewack
Orlando Shakespeare Theater
"The Orlando Shakespeare Theater company, under the stage direction of Patrick Flick and the musical direction of Charles Johnson, serves the show admirably, tearing into Porter's jazzy tunes with aplomb and giving its comic moments their due."
--Al Krulik, Orlando Weekly
Into the Woods

By Sondheim & Lapine

Orlando Shakespeare Theater


"The Shakespeare Festival's production hits on both counts, with frivolity enough for the most frivolous in the audience and a deep and emotional catharsis for everybody else...its pizzazz and its passion will take you far."

--Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel


"Directed by Patrick Flick, the libretto and lyrics sparkle with humor and insight. He exploits his talented cast's natural comic mannerisms, juxtaposing them to moments of poignancy."


--Pam Harbauch, Florida Today


Archy and Mehitabel

By Darion, Brokks & Kleinsinger

Mad Cow Theatre


"Credit  director Pat Flick and his merry band of collaborators -- chief among them musical director Robin Jensen, choreographer Lea O'Connell and costume designer Denise Warner -- for pulling such fun from a rickety little show."


--Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

A Little Night Music

By Stephen Sondheim

Orlando Shakespeare Theater


"The summer night must be smiling a fourth time this season, at the people at the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, who have known enough to make their production of A Little Night Music the glorious event  it is.  There's a lesson to be learned -- from Bergman's characters, from Wheeler and Sondheim's sumptuous musical, and from the Shakespeare Festival itself, which has seized on this opportunity and played it for all it's worth."


--Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel

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